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How much is 75 mb for Verizon's data packaging?


  1. Kasey C says:

    Do they OFFER any other data paks other than the unlimited nowadays?

    And most smartphones REQUIRE data plan. You can’t do without it.

  2. Diana B says:

    I thought Verizon was throwing out limited plans for smartphones?

    75mb will vary depending on your use. If you want an idea of what your use is (if you use the internet already), look into your settings on the phone and try to find something called "timers" – this will meausre time spent on calls, how many calls were made and received and also mb of data transmitted and received under your existing plan.

  3. <3 :D * says:

    The 75 mb plan is for multimedia phones only. Multimedia phones are like the Chocolate Touch, EnV 3, EnV Touch, etc. You can’t get the 75 mb plan for a smartphone. From what you said I don’t think you have a smartphone because you would already have a data plan. Smartphones require the $30 monthly data plan (and up until about 2 weeks ago you could get a $15 data plan deal for a smartphone but they got rid of it because of the iPhone). 75 mb is not much. You will probably need to use the wifi for most of the stuff you want to do. You will probably go over the 75 mb limit because it’s so small that you don’t know what the limit is.

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