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Is there a such thing as a Pear Phone and if there is, where do I get it?


  1. luis575 says:

    lol tose are knock offs of apple computers / iPhones / ipods

  2. BlueBerrie Kisses says:

    You can’t. It’s a parody of Apple so it’s an iPhone :)

  3. The Phone geek says:

    its an Iphone but instead of getting Apple’s permission and having to pay Apple to have the iphone on screen theu changed the apple to a pear and use it.

    How can there be a pear on back? its a tv show that has prop guys that can pretty much make anything you ever watch movies???

  4. ScσττRΛSC³ says:

    The "PearPhone" is a disguised iPhone. They simply put a pear sticker on the back to cover the Apple logo that is usually there. The creator of that show along with others on Nick has been using Pear disguised Apple devices for a while now. Laptops, phones, iPods etc.

  5. Nova says:

    There isn’t. A pear phone is their version of an apple iphone because if they used the word "iphone" without the company’s permission then nickelodeon could get sued and if they did ask then they would have to pay apple to use it.

    As for the pear on the back, its a prop. not a real phone so they could do what ever they want to it

  6. angie:) says:

    Omg what a rip off I actually thought the phone was real.
    I wanted to buy it, looks like I’m aint getting it.
    Eh whatever we don’t always get what we want.

  7. lulu says:

    well if u really want one buy an iphone and buy a silver pear sticker on ebay n u will now have a sweet icarly pear phone??

  8. Camillrre says:

    i belive you
    how can there be a pear onthe back

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