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The jack of my headphones got stuck in my ipod?


  1. Iljimae Fan says:

    Find out if there is a store that repairs iPhones they may be able to service the iPod. Since the was not a defect in the product, expect to pay to have it serviced. Warranties do not cover owner negligence.

  2. AVDADDY says:

    Plug is broken, not jack. The jack is the receptacle that the plug fits into. Start here: As long as your serial # has been recorded as sold, that may be all of the documentation you need. BTW, wrapping your headphone cable around the iPod is the easiest way to damage it.

  3. jason chen says:

    If it’s the tip of the plug stuck inside, use a screw, small enough to fit inside the jack (<3.5mm) and using a screw driver, screw it in such that it hooks onto the broken piece inside, then simply pull it out.

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