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How do I know when my PS3 controller is done charging?


  1. Tamrat Assefa says:

    If your controller is fully charged, the red LED on the top will stop flashing [you should only see a still red light]. Or, if u are in XMB, just press the PS button and you will see a battery for abt 3secs. If that bar is filling up ur controller is not fully charged, if it is still and you see a full battery bar then ur controller is fully charged. You can even see this while playing a game [press and hold the PS button and on the bottom left of the screen you will see the battery. [And the four LEDs don't show charge amount, thats what I thought when I got my PS3. They just show if u r Player 1, Player 2 and so on]

  2. Levi says:

    The red light on the top of the controller will stop blinking.

  3. Packers rule says:

    Jus take it off after 2 hours then it wud be charged :)

  4. Rastafarian says:

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  5. Anthony Ruiz says:

    hi there you will know when its down charging when you look at the red lights on the top of your controller and if they are blinking its still charging if its not blinking then it’s done

  6. Peanut1-2- says:

    When you think its done (about 45min) unplug it then press the PS button.

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  7. Sarah R says:

    The easiest way is log on to one of the user profiles and then press the round button in the center of the controller. It will tell you how many bars of battery you have on that controller.

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