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How do ringtones and ringback tones work for straight talk, tracphone, and other pay as you go?


  1. Wil says:

    I recommend! Its a cool site. They have trailers and clear steps for all phones.

    * basically u can upload and convert any audio file into a ringtone.
    It can be an mp3 file , itunes file , or any other format


    Or after u sign up , use that link to make any ringtone from any YOUTUBE video. FREE

    Really neat!

    Rinback Tones are only set by your provider. there is a charge.

  2. Kasey C says:

    Ringtones — you can probably make your own, and get it to your phone somehow via USB cable, Bluetooth, or some sort of SMS mechanism with ToneThis. As you didn’t mention model, no idea how that’d work.

    Ringback — that’s a service offered by the carrier, not a phone feature. Basically, you listen to music instead of ring-ring while the call tries to go through. So that will cost $$$.

  3. Riggs says:

    Straight Talk DONT have ringback tones available yet and prolly never will. Also..all I do is download the mp3 file you want from multiple free tone sites, then I goto my yahoo mail, attach the ringtone, then send an email to my phone at, check it, itll download, clikc and save audio, boom theres your tone, dont get much easier, for real.

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